Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ouch! I'M SORE!

I think I will stick with preaching! Painting is a tough way to make a living, at least that is what I think after painting all day Wednesday.

The good news is that I had the best help in the world, my family. They are all great painters, work fast and neat, and have great attitudes. We laughed and had fun all day long working as a team to do a major paint job. We got the family room, kitchen, living room, dining room, hall ways, and master bedroom and bath all painted. 

It looks great.

Terry and Sandra, Rebecca, and Randy and I worked from sun up til sundown and everything is finished except that I am adding an additional molding for the crown molding in the family room and kitchen, and living room and dining room. The carpenter is coming today and I should have that done within a week. 

I am so excited about the updates. The colors look great and adds a new brightness to
 the house. Here are some pictures of our painting work. Everybody has a smile and that makes work go better.


  1. Love the colors. Can I borrow your handy man? We have some crown molding that needs to go up in the kitchen.

    B.J. Brooks

  2. The paint job looks great!
    Did Wanda choose the colors?
    You know, the one with the ring?
    Just wondering is asking?!

  3. Love the colors! I want to paint, but it looks like too much work!

  4. Looks really nice Milton!

  5. Snazzy! I live too far away to put up your crown moulding. Hope you found a good carpenter. I've put up a few miles of it in my 25= years in construction. Painters with smiles on their faces is rare. Hah!
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Oh, good cow. Painting is such hard work. You think it'll never end. I bought my first house as a single back in May, and although it was freshly painted throughout, I wanted my own touches on it. I had a paint party, too--me and my twin. Ha! Some party.

    Looking great. God bless.

  7. SUPER!! We are looking forward to seeing it in person. Your Mother wishes you would gather the 'crew' together at our house. Just kiddin! You know I despise to paint.

  8. I love the bold paint colors...cannot wait to see some of the finished pictures once everything is done!

    My parents are actually renovating their house right now and they say the exact same thing... that the painting is killing their backs!

    Great job so far.