Friday, February 13, 2009


My eighty-three old dad sent me this in an email. I thought it was a hoot.


The three old maid sisters finally arranged their first dates. They agreed before the dates that they would share the number of times each one was kissed the morning after at the breakfast table by using the word morning. 

At the breadfast table the eldest sister greeted the others by saying, "Goodmorning."

The next eldest sister made her greeting by saying, "Goodmorning this morning."

The youngest sister made her greeting by saying, "Goodmorning this morning. Its a fine morning this morning. If tomorrow morning is as fine as this morning, it will be a fine morning tomorrow morning."


So was it a good morning for you?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so give your special love a really big kiss. 

No, I still haven't kissed my new love. I, we, are keeping our vow to wait until we are married. That will be one special kiss!


  1. Not everybody enjoys Valentine's Day, and I can understand why, but I believe in love and have been posting about love all week on my personal blog at

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

    P.S. For some reason, it's more complicated to post comments here than on Kristy's site. I haven't quite figured out why yet, but I don't always succeed in posting.

  2. His mercies are new every morning! Oops I let it slip! Ha. Hope you had a blessed day, and yes that first one will be a doozy and I betcha worth the wait, specially since a vow followed through will always be rewarded for keeping.

    Let God be your Valentine
    His heart is always full of sweets
    His word becons all to be His Valentine
    His gift of His Son can't be beat
    His Spirit within calls out for all to be mine
    He lines life with goodness and all other treats
    He will be your lifelong Valentine
    Now isn't that neat!