Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was just sitting down at my booth close to the Chic-Fa-La counter Tuesday at noon when I saw a young adult walk up to the manager. It happened quickly and I was surprised that I could overhear their conversation.

The young man said, "I was in here this morning to eat breakfast and the cashier made a mistake and gave me too much change back. Here is the money she gave me." He gave the manager some bills and then turned and walked out of Chic-Fa-La.

I sat there taken back and thrilled at what I had just heard. We live in a time of greed and too many wouldn't ever think of returning money that wasn't their own like this young man did.

When I was in college I worked as a cashier in a grocery store, and I cashed a check and gave too much money to a customer. I am convinced that that customer knew that I had given way too much money to them by mistake. They pocketed the money, and I had to make up the difference for my mistake out of my own pocket. 

All one has to do to see the impact of greed in America is to watch the evening news and see billions and billions of dollars that have been squandered through ill gained windfalls. Yesterday, two of the new Presidents appointments withdrew their nominations to high level positions due to greed and not paying their taxes. This is all to typical of how America has been living. Now America is reaping a whirlwind of terribly sown seeds.

I would like to think that young man in Chic-Fa-La was a christian. He looked like one, and he acted like a christian should act.

Don't you think America would have a quicker turn-a-round if we all acted like that young man at Chic-Fa-La did ?

Now what is the name of that rule that would cure America? 

It is the Golden Rule--do to others as you would have them do to you.


  1. AMAN AND AMAN! Dear Lord, Please heal our country and I know that means a change of heart. Start with your people Lord so we can be the influence we need to be!

    Chico CA

  2. I'll never forget the time hubby and I were in San Antonio for an anniversary trip. He had gone to retrieve the car and I was checking out of the hotel.

    When the cashier finished checking me out, I paid her and she handed me my change. I didn't look at it until I walked outside, and I was shocked to see she'd given my back something like $400 too much.

    As a young couple struggling for every cent, it was very tempting to keep it, but I knew if she had shorted me $400 I would've said something, so I walked in and said, "Ma'am, I think you made a mistake. This is too much money." She looked stunned, then thanked me profusely.

    I agree that this country has sown reckless seeds, from The White House and Congress on down. There's a price to pay.

  3. Milton, here:

    Megan wrote these words and posted them on Kristy's blog. I wanted to share them so you could read Megan thoughts on today's blog.


    Today I went to my father's funeral. I am hurting. I am confused. My eyes are red from crying. My heart is raw. As I was sitting at the funeral today, surrounded by people who loved my father, I thought of you. I know that's strange, but I suddenly realized I wasn't alone in the pain. And I realized that it does get better. It takes a day at a time, but it does get better, God is still God, and it's all a part of His plan.

    I re-read some of your old entries shortly after Kristy died and I was comforted by your words. Again, this blog is doing so much good in so many people's lives. I hope you know that.

    I am thankful for both you and Kristy. I will most likely never meet you. But your words (and Kristy's) have helped me through times I didn't want to go through. Thank you, and I am excited to be inspired by your new romance.


  4. Hi Milton. did you forget a day this week. OH MY WHERE IS TUESDAY'S post :)

  5. Hi Milton,
    I agree with you also, so much meaness today.
    did you forget a post this week ? where is tuesday ? :)