Thursday, February 5, 2009


Florida is cold!!!! 

Wednesday and Thursday nights there are to be record lows expected into the teens. 


That is too cold for Jacksonville, Fl! But the good news is there is no snow or ice to deal with and by Sunday the temperature will be back into the 70's. 

The Sunshine State is still very sunny, but it is very, very cold. The wind has been blowing and that makes the chill factor even lower, but that probably doesn't get much sympathy from my really cold friends up North. 

People up North often poke fun at the perceived backward ways of us Southerners, but the funny thing is that I haven't met anyone who retired and moved up North. I-95 that passes right by my church is filled with those snowbirds who drive South away from the frozen winters at home.

But I am cold. I am alone and cold. And I dread another night in a cold, lonely bed. 

It is not good for man to be alone.

Alone with no warmth
Alone with no kind words
Alone with no sweetness or tender touch
Alone by myself.

But God is with me.
He ever is faithful.
He remembers.
He heartens and strengthens.

I will trust Him.
He has promised to provide.
He sees my hurt and sorrow.
He heals and soothes my pain.

There is a promise.
He has given sure hope.
I will not be alone for long.
He has so incredibly provided.


  1. Dad, Don't forget to put a sheet over the pygmy palms the Wright's gave you, out front! Those palms are even more special now that mom is gone.

  2. Milton, the way I see it, if Northerners want to laugh at Southerners when they whine about 30-degree weather, the last laugh is on them... they're the ones still digging out of the snow every winter. No, thanks. I don't understand why people stay in such cold climates, but I guess somebody has to.

    I agree... you never hear of anyone retiring and moving north. There's a very good reason.

    If you can't tell, I'm very proud of my Southern roots. ;)