Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I think it might be very hard to celebrate victory if you know you won by cheating. Nobody likes to be cheated, or lied to, or betrayed. Cheating leaves a bad taste in your mouth and causes others to have a total mistrust of anything you do.

Why have I chosen to write about cheating today? 

I have watched the effects of cheating in marriages as I have counseled couples for almost forty years, and it is devastating. It robs, maims, debilitates, and crushes. It leaves a burden that only God's grace and forgiveness can restore.

I have seen young people and older folks bear the marks of cheating in finances, work, relationships, business deals, and on and on.....

Cheaters don't win. They lose and they lose big. It just takes time for the effects to sink in and sour life.

Look at the effects cheating on our economy. Cheating on loan applications has ruined our Nation's finances.

Recently I watched a high school basketball team beat a favorite team of mine and eliminate them from competition from the state basketball championships playoffs. Everyone knows that this team cheats by recruiting players from across the Nation, and they have been put on probation in the past. But it is hard to prove they are cheating even though everyone knows they are. 

They held their hands high as they won, but I wonder down deep if their heads are hanging low. They know they cheat and they have to work hard to hide their sin. But they know and God knows. 

I stood by a fan at the game my team lost and watched the winning team jump up an down in jubilant celebration. After a moment, I said to the fan, "It must be hard to really feel good win you know you have cheated."

He said, "You're right."

The gym emptied, and we went home.

The effects of cheating are still to be felt on that winning basketball team, but sadly they will leave their mark. It will take time, and it won't be pretty.

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