Monday, February 23, 2009


Did you hear about the guy who won the procrastinator of the year award. He got kicked out of their club for failing to renew his membership.

Do you know why the Procrastinator's Club has no members? If you apply, you don't qualify.

Definition of Procrastination: Why put off today what you can put off again tomorrow?

I am not a procrastinator, but sometimes things stack up and have to get in line to be completed. That must be some kind of procrastination going on there, but I won't admit it at least not today.

Anyhow, the paint job is going to get finished in record time. I plan on having the crown molding that I am adding painted and up and then painted again by Wednesday. That means that in less than a week I have gotten the major part of my house repainted with additional molding added by volunteer help. My in-laws did the major part of the work and I got everything organized, prepared, and on task, and painted diligently too. I did pay to have the additional crown molding added, but that was something we couldn't do.

The house is going to look great. It has a new smell and fresh look. I needed the extra sparkle in the house and my new love is going to like it too. I had planned on doing this for some time and now was the right time to make it happen. I will put before and after pictures up in a few days, if I don't put that off. HA!

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