Monday, March 18, 2013


Wanda took 5 girls and 4 ladies from our church on a camping trip this past weekend. They went to the annual Powette for our girl's ministry. I was impressed that no guys were along to help set things up. They made it in good fashion and had a ball.

She said it was very cold at night but the days were beautiful. They packed everything in one van and headed south to Central Florida for their campout with around 800 other girls. Now that is a good round number and a lot of hormones going on. Ha!

I am very proud of all she does for our church, and family, and for me. She is something else.

We love to camp and camp in a tent. Can you imagine? Sleeping on the ground on air mattresses is a trip too. We both love the outdoors and nature. Sitting around a campfire and enjoying early morning coffee around a morning campfire is special.

God become more real in His outdoors. The heavens really do declare the glory of God. All you have to do is look at the stars at night and know that God is real.

She came home excited about the next trip. I guess that lets you know she loves it.

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