Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Someone said to find out what is priority in a person's life can be quickly found by looking at their checkbook. That shows where one is spending their money and notes where their heart really is. Another way is to view where one is spending their time. I suppose their are numerous other ways to determine what is important in one's life besides these two points, but they pretty much tell the tale of priorities.

People do what they want to do. We find a way to do what we love to do. If it is eating, there will be plenty of time for food. If it is sports like fishing, golfing, or motorcycling then we'll make time for those interests.

So who or what is first in your life?

Life begins and ends with God.

Ephesians 4:18a speaks of the "life of God". Life comes from God. He breathes life into our physical beings. He breathes life into our souls.

God is the beginning and end of our being. Life comes from God.

Then why wouldn't we make God our highest priority?

Why wouldn't He be first in our checkbooks?

Why wouldn't He be first in the time of our lives?

When we seek the Lord, everything else finds right order. Life isn't jumbled and crazy. Sin doesn't confuse and bind us. We live with fullness of joy and peace.

Dear Lord, I make you first again in my life. I give you my checkbook and my time. I know everything else will come into proper order. Amen!

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