Monday, March 11, 2013


My 2013 River Run started fast for me. I was in the reserved group of seated runners and they start their race fast. At least it was a fast start for me.

I felt great. It was a cool morning with no humidity. I had trained strong and done everything I wanted to prepare except I hadn't lost that last 7 pounds of weight I wanted to lose. But, everything being equal, I was excited about running the 2013 15K Gate River Run.

Wanda went with me Saturday morning. We rose early, and ate, prayed, and then headed off for the main event of the day which started at 8:30 AM.

There were some 17,000 plus runners in the race. Everyone was arriving trying to find their places, making one last potty break, and then stretching, and getting ready for the run.

I was in the first 5,000 in the seeded qualifiers which meant that we had run a sanctioned race and had fast enough times to get in the front of the pack. That was huge. It is so much more enjoyable to start closer to the front and not have to worry about slower runners.

My race started at a good pace. The first several miles were exhilarating. I was really enjoying the run and felt that I would best my goal of running in 1 hour and thirty minutes. I had done all the proper training and felt strong.

Then I got toward the 5 mile mark and then 6 mile mark and then 7 mile mark. My steam was running out. As I approached the 8 mile mark, there it stood.

The Green Monster.

The Heartbreak Bridge.

I thought I would die.

But I gritted my teeth, slowed my pace, and made it up that long, hard, mountain of a bridge. I made it to the top.

Going downhill was easy for me and I finally crossed the finish line. I had run my fastest River Run ever! I ran it in 1:36:00 by my time watch. It was slower than my goal, and I was a little disappointed. I was also thrilled at finishing at my best time.

Wanda waited for me that whole time at the finish line, but missed seeing me actually cross the line. There was hundreds passing her and she couldn't spot me. I really appreciate her encouragement and support. She is a winner.

Next year, Lord willing, I will run a faster race. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can make it up and over Hartbreak Bridge and not faint!

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