Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Success in life is not inevitable. Not everyone in life is successful. How do you measure a successful life? What is the formula? As a minister who is called upon to offer last words over people in ministering in funeral situations, I have had many, many opportunities to address the success or failure of people in life.

No one wants to live a life with no aim, purpose, or value. We all want to feel as though our lives have meaning and value.

The great physicist Dr. Albert Einstein offered this formula for success in life.

He noted that if "a" is success, then

a (success) = x (work) + y (play) + z (keeping your mouth shut)


That is a good equation, but sometimes very hard to work out, especially the part of keeping your mouth shut. We often open our mouths and say the most inopportune things to our own hurt and the hurt of others.

At the ripe old age of 63, I am learning over and over again the power of blessing or cursing with my tongue. I can encourage, comfort, bless or I can discourage, arm, or curse by what I say. Mouths and tongues are the most dangerous parts of our bodies. James noted that the tongue is extremely unruly.

Paul wrote that our speech should be with grace and seasoned with salt. We should speak to others in the manner that we would desire to be spoken too.

I am learning how to live successfully. I pray that my mouth will be involved in this great equation.

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