Friday, March 1, 2013


Thursday morning I awakened at 5:30 or so and decided to get up and complete my last long run before the 15K Gate River Run on March 9. They recommend doing your last long run a week before the 15K so I was interested in staying on course in my training routine. I will yet run a few more runs before the race but the longest will be 4 or 5 miles.

I ate pizza for dinner Wednesday night which is not the best racing fuel before a longer race. Neither did I hydrate as much as I typically should the day before a longer run. However, I felt good and it was cold and not humid so I decided to get her done.

Well, I did. I had a great run. My time was good and could have been faster if I had pushed more. I ran a 7 mile in 68 minutes and 50 seconds. Not bad.

I ate oatmeal and a couple of eggs and hour or so before I ran. That seemed to fuel me enough for a good run. As they say, "It is in the books."

Training for the River Run is stimulating. It helps motivate me to get in better shape. I feel good and function better all day by better exercise and better eating. All of that is paying off.

I plan on running three to four days a week even after the River Run. I will walk more with Wanda and we'll do some strength training together. I want her to be in good shape too.

So now I am on the down hill side toward the run. Not more long runs until "The Run". Yeah! I feel good!

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