Monday, March 25, 2013


Sunday we had our annual All Church Family Easter Egg Hunt. All ages were present from kiddies to seniors. There was a bouncy house for the little ones. You don't think that the oldies would risk such a place do you? There was a balloon blower who twisted them into all sorts of things from crowns to swords to animals to flower arrangements. He was super.

The weather had been terrible for a day or so and it looked like the event might be cancelled. However, our team put it together in our youth and educational buildings. It turned out great. Everyone had a ball.

The balloon blower made a crown and sword for me. I wore the crown enthusiastically and wielded my sword too. All the kiddies enjoyed their balloons along with me. It was an interesting sight.

As the event continued, I stood next to one of the men of the church who commented that no balloons had exploded or popped.

I said, "They will."

Within a moment the balloon crown on my head exploded and popped and sounded like a canon went off on my head. I was stunned and tuned to the man and asked if he had popped my balloon. He promised he hadn't and we laughed. I told him I wasn't sure that I believed him.

Here is the point:

When I spoke it, it happened. When I said "They will", mine did.

We laughed together at how quick the words of my mouth turned into reality.

I thought more about how often the words of our mouths turn into reality. If we speak faith, then faith things happen. If we speak doom and gloom, then we set the table for doom and gloom to occur.

Our mouths do have creative force. What we say, we get.

Lord, help me to speak faith and talked faith and believer faith. Help me to trust in You and believe that you are the answer to life's challenges and needs.

Help me to speak, "For with God all things are possible."


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