Friday, March 8, 2013


After weeks of training, dieting, exercising, and running, I am now as ready as I will ever be for the 2013 15K Gate River Run. I have run an average of 16-17 miles weekly for the last few weeks. I have done strength training several times each week. I have dropped almost 20 pounds. I have left off sweets and chosen a better diet. I have studied running books and gleaned the best ways to run efficiently.

So now it is on to the race.

The weather looks agreeable. It should be in the mid to upper 50's with low humidity. I am not sure how the wind will be, but the weather looks super for a great run.

Here is my strategy:

1. Hydrate and eat properly on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.
2. Get proper rest the day or so before including good nights sleep.
3. Eat plenty of carbs the day before.
4. Get to the race early.
5. Run a moderately slow warmup 1st mile.
6. Increase my pace as I progress into the race..
7. Approach the last mile running up the Hart Bridge in a reduced pace.
8. Run a faster pace down both the Main St and Hart Bridges.
9. Really stretch the last half-mile of the race.
10. Finish strong!

I am grateful to the Lord for good health and and strong body. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me. I give God the glory for His help in taking better care of my body, His Temple. With His help I will run this race for His glory.

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