Friday, November 2, 2012


I am headed this weekend to a camping outing with the Royal Rangers of our church. This is a ministry outreach to young boys similar to Boy Scouts but with a Christian emphasis. There are around 25 or so who are going including three of my grandsons. I wish all my grands could be there, but this will be a special time for me with Alex, Nic, and Lorenzo.

The weather outlook is great. There is no rain forecast, and the high each day is projected to be in the mid 70's. Sounds great.

Wanda and I have enjoying camping a number of times this past year. Some time it was cold, too cold. A couple times it was hot, but we still had fun.

What is so much fun about camping?

1. The wonderful outdoors.
2. Getting away from pressure.
3. Doing something different.
4. Enjoying a campfire.
5. Outdoor cooking.
6. Long walks.
7. Listening to outdoor sounds.

This weekend the sounds will be louder with all those boys, but it isn't about me this weekend. It is about bonding with my grandsons. It is about letting them know I love them. It is about helping them see God's creation. It is about making sure they know the most important thing in all the world is God and family. It is about laughing, loving, and learning.

We've gone camping. I pray all the above happens.

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