Monday, November 5, 2012


It is time for a real change in the political, spiritual, and economic landscape of America. I don't know when I have ever had a greater burden for our Nation and our future. Voting has consequences just as any other action of our lives. This National election has serious consequences for our future. We must vote.

Early voting or absentee voting is one way to go, so I have chosen to vote early. The line wasn't long. In fact I didn't have a line or wait. I voted at the San Marco Library just minutes from our church last Wednesday.

Now across our Nation, we'll be counting the votes late Tuesday evening. I pray that America votes with values in mind. I pray America votes for economic freedom. I pray that wicked, godless leaders will be put out of office.

How can you vote for a President who believes it is okay to abort a new born coming out of its mother's womb? I cannot imagine taking a newborn's life. How wicked. Abortion is wrong, period!

So I've voted, and now I'll pray. Oh, I've been praying daily for this election long before now, but I'll pray even harder. The choice is clear. We can continue on the path to socialism and a godless society, or we can vote to put new leaders in with godly values.

That was an easy vote for me. I pray it will be an easy decision for others on Election Day.

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