Wednesday, November 14, 2012


On Tuesday Wanda had surgery to repair a hernia. It was an hour long surgery and thankfully all went well. The doctor says that she will be good and new in a few weeks, but she can't pick up anything over 5 pounds for several weeks and then no more than 10 pounds after that for another few weeks. It is painful and slow recovery.

That is where I come in. I get to baby and pamper her until she is good and new. That will be easy. Why? Because she works so hard to take good care of me. It will be a pleasure to help her through recovery.

We began our marriage with several agreements.

First, we agreed that whatever was important to one was important to the other.

Second, we agreed to working daily to have a great marriage.

Both of us have followed through on this commitment and it is working. Yes, we have to work at it, but by working at it we're the beneficiaries of a blessed and happy marriage.

So what will I do to take care of her?

1. Let her rest and heal.
2. Take care of the house chores that require daily attention--some cooking, cleaning, straightening, etc.
3. Lift her spirits by encouragement and kindness.
4. Most of all, to pay attention to what she needs.

This is a great lady and I want her to heal totally and quickly.

Oh, back to the marriage agreement thing. We have prayed daily for each other and with each other. That is huge. God is our helper and gives joy and peace. That makes marriage fantastic.

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  1. Praying Wanda gets better soon!

    Blessings to you both,