Monday, November 19, 2012


Men come home from work at the end of the day. Life is good. Payday is Friday. The weekend is off time. Football games last all weekend. Riding Big Red is ahead. Life is good.

But what about the end of the day for the Lady of the House? When does their work week end. When is pay day?

Well, I am learning again the work of the Lady of the House doesn't end.

Wanda is mending and I'm in charge of all the chores. It is me. She can't do anything. She is off until she heals and that is down the road.

I have had dear friends who have brought in some meals. That helps, but I've cooked all the other meals. Loaded and unloaded the dish washer. Washed the clothes. Made sure everything is straight. The list goes on but I won't say much because it will sound like I'm complaining.

Wanda is a great Lady of the House. She is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, and preacher's wife. I am blessed.

So, I have happily taken over until she is back on duty. I do help daily around here even when she isn't ill. I make bed every morning and help in other ways that I won't go into lest I sound like I'm bragging. It really is only fair to help some because why should my workday and workweek end and the Lady of the House never get off?

I told Wanda that the dishwasher gets full over and over and over again. It just doesn't end. That's life. It is daily. Load and unload. Load and unload. Over and over again. I will rejoice and be glad and rejoice more when Wanda is well again.

She is the best. I am blessed.

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