Friday, November 9, 2012


Life is serious and should be taken seriously. However, life lived too seriously leads to fear, anxiety, depression, and misery. That is not God’s will. There is a time for all things, and there is a time to laugh too. 

I believe it helps to laugh daily and often. Take a lesson from children. They can laugh easily, quickly, and over the smallest things. Look at how happy they are and how much energy they have. If you need cheering up, go find a group of children and let them tickle your funny bone. You will be the better for it. They will help take away the blues, and lift your spirits.

Did you hear about the new drive through prayer ministry at the Catholic church? It is called “toot and tell”.  Now come on, laugh a little. 

What does laughter do?
  1. Releases tension.
  2. Lightens the moment.
  3. Renews your mind.
  4. Strengthens your body.
  5. Straightens your perspective.
  6. Heals.
  7. Makes you look better.

God made us with with the ability to laugh. He gives eternal joy that makes for peace and rest. The Bible is filled with humor and your life needs laughter. So don’t take yourself, your situation, or your future too serious. Lighten up and laugh. Your faith will grow. 

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