Monday, November 26, 2012


While eating one of our meals this past Thanksgiving weekend with the girls and kiddies, one of them mentioned that Claudia had said that papa was going to be on "Cloud Nine". She had said that to all of them in the car riding up to see us. When asked why I was going to be on cloud nine, she said because we are coming. I think she knew that having the grandkids around puts me on "Cloud Nine". She is right.

I love their smiles and giggles and wiggles and action packed living. They have such good hearts. They're all still small and soak in everything around them. They are incredible.

Years ago I laughed at grandparents who doted over their grandkids. I thought that was so silly. Boy, did I ever have something to learn. They are your legacy. They are special beyond special for they are from you.

We were out at the zoo again this past Friday. Everyone who didn't go to "Black Friday" was out at the zoo. It was packed.

While walking down the way, Claudia pulled me close and said, "I've got your kisses" and she kissed and kissed on me. Now that is why she knew I was going to be on "Cloud Nine". They were home and we were having a ball.

Another reason I was on "Cloud Nine" was because they all make me feel special. Nic brought a bird feeder that he had made for Wanda and me. It was hand made from a heart of love. Wow, aren't they something.

I'm walking on Cloud Nine.

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