Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I love reading daily devotionals. They speak to my heart and often confirm God's will and direction for me. God's Word is the primary source of devotionals for me, but I also love reading thoughts that others have written that have Biblical support.

One that I read is God's Word for You Today. On Monday it included the following story. It was good reading and encouragement. I felt led to share it today.

It reads:

The story’s told of a farmer whose mule fell into a well. Since he had no way to get him out, he decided to bury him there. He got a truckload of dirt and dumped it on top of the mule. But instead of lying down under it, the mule started kicking and snorting until he worked his way to the top of it. This continued all afternoon. Truckload after truckload, the mule just kept shaking it off and stepping on top of it. Finally when the dirt reached the top of the well the mule just snorted and walked away, a dirtier but a wiser mule. What was intended to bury him, just brought him out on top.

Here is the point: Sometimes we have to make a point to shake off things that otherwise would bury us. We don't have to live in depression of dismay due to life's setbacks. We can shake it off and with God's help go forward. 

Paul said to forget those things that are behind and press forward. 

I will do that today. I will shake it off and go forward. 

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