Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I will admit it. Though I have prayed over my food before I eat all my life, I will be honest and say that far too often I have prayed more out of habit than sincere thankfulness. My parents taught me that we always pray over our food before we eat, and I have done that. But sometimes, it was too perfunctory than truly spiritual.

That changed a few years back. Now the Lord’s blessings and goodness mean more. I realize that all that I have comes from the goodness of God. Without God given breathe, I have no life. I am nothing except for His love, mercy, and kindness.

It is easy to take food, health, and life for-granted. We easily feel that we deserve what we have. We did it. We got it. We may not say it, but our actions at prayer time betray us. 

A thankful heart is one that acknowledges all of God’s provisions. It notes the goodness of the Lord in everything. Gratitude should be primary in our attitude of life. Oh, give thanks for the Lord is good.

So, I have made an honest confession. Now, what about you? Have fallen into the trap of lame thankfulness? Are you thankful just on Thanksgiving Day? Are you too proud to acknowledge God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to you. Have you allowed long, hard, continual trials to blind your heart to the truth and reality of God’s goodness? 

Lift up your eyes to the Lord and give Him thanks for all He has done. Pray with gratitude. God will take note and bless you more. Thanksgiving Day is coming, but thanks-living is year round. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!

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