Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wanda loves to work in our yard. She just loves it. I enjoy the results, but she just loves doing it. I love the flowers and all the colors and blooms and birds and butterflies and smells. It is lots of work, but the results are worth it. That what I enjoy. I enjoy the final product.

We have needed to do some pruning of trees around our yard. We have delicious grape fruit and oranges. We also have a Japanese plum tree and a fig tree. There is a bottlebrush and crepe myrtle trees. All of them needed attention.

Wanda suggested renting an extender chain saw. I have a small saw that works by my elbow grease. Now that turns into work! That is why I love the results, the end product, the beauty of completion. Now doesn't that sound like a lazy guy or what?

I told Wanda I could do it without the rental saw, but she knew better. We rented one and worked several hours on the trees. There was a pretty good pile of limbs and greenery cut. Pruning doesn't look pretty. It cuts back and takes away growth, but that is so new growth can come. Man that extender saw worked great! It was worth every penny.

We really have enjoyed our fruit this year, but more fruit requires the pruning process. That is true in our lives. New growth in us take some pruning too. Jesus said that in John 15. Sometimes pruning in us is difficult and hurts, but God sees the end product. He chastens, corrects, and cuts away. Yet, it is for our good. It is so new fruit can come.

So Lord, prune away. I want to grow new fruit, good fruit, sweet fruit. Prune away Lord. Make me all you desire.

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