Friday, February 10, 2012


God doesn't bless complainers. In the Old Testament He killed more Israelites for complaining than anything else. Complainers and whiners never get very far. They are too focused on their present and past problems to see anything ahead.

Yet, God heard David's complaint. Read Psalm 142:2

2 I pour out before him my complaint;
before him I tell my trouble.

Hanna offered her complaint of childlessness to God and God heard her. God gave her Samuel, who see gave back to the Lord.

The place to take our complaints is the same place David took his complaints. We take them to the Lord. He can hear all of our troubles, trials, and needs.

Here is the deal, we must not take them to God with:

1. Blame

2. Bitterness or

3. Betrayal of faith

When we blame God, or become bitter at God, or betray our faith, then we are doomed. Nothing is solved and everything gets worse.

I like what David did when he was having to flee for his life due to his own son's betrayal. Absalom was out for his father's kingdom. David ran for his life, and as he fled was cursed by Shemei. Shemei did everything he could to discourage and derail David.

David took his complaint to God and trust God to take care of him. See II Samuel 16: 12, "It may be that the Lord will look on my affliction, and that the Lord will repay me with good for his cursing this day." David trusted God's ability to take care of him even when he was being confronted and literally cursed from every side.

So take your complaint to the Lord. He will hear it.

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