Monday, February 27, 2012


This past Saturday morning I ran the 5 m Ortega River Run. This is a tune-up for the 15K Gate River Run in a couple of weeks. There are some 2,000+ runners in the Ortega Run.

I beat my time from last year by almost 4 minutes. It was hotter last year, and I don't think that I was in as good as shape last year. I have done far more in training this year especially in strength training. That helps a lots.

Wanda went with me. She always is my biggest fan and supporter. In fact, I don't recall anyone else there who was my fan. There are always people cheering you on in the neighborhoods you run through, but she was the only one there just for me.

I goal was to run the 5m in 50 minutes or in 10 minutes miles. I came close to doing that by less than 30 seconds. I think I could have done it in 10 minute miles, but the field was packed at the beginning which made for a much slower start. I guess I need to get closer to the front. I will definitely try that at the Gate River Run.

So the goal is life is to finish. I must cross the finish line. I want to hear my Lord say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Finishing is important. Starting is half the job it seems, but if you don't finish nothing counts. Only those who finish win the prize. That is true in the race of life.

Many start, but starters only win if they complete the race. I finished the Ortega River Run. Now it is on to the greater race.

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