Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I recently read a story about John Wesley, the great preacher, who was traveling to a preaching assignment by horse. This was in the day of circuit rider preachers. It was raining, and he was tired. He admitted to a complaining spirit. It seemed to him that the Lord could at least give a little better weather for him to travel. The weather was miserable.

As he continued by horse, a robber jumped into his path with pistol in hand to rob him. The thief attempted to fire his weapon at Wesley, but it wouldn't fire. The powder was wet from the rain. Throwing his pistol down, the robber fled. Wesley's life was spared.

Wesley promptly got off his horse, repented of his complaining, and gave thanks for the rain.

Wesley learned again that God takes all things, even rain, and works them for good for those who love the Lord.

All of us are tempted to complain at one time or another. There is a place to take your complaints. Take them to the Lord. King David did.

Don't take them with blame, bitterness, or betrayal of your faith. Just take them to the Lord and offer your needs and issues to Him. Maybe He will tell you that "your rain" is yet meant to save your life. Who knows?

Well, God knows!


  1. Awesome post! I have multiple sclerosis and am just getting to the point to where I need a wheelchair. The pastor of my church found me one and brought it to me a week or so ago. This morning as I was preparing to write in my own blog, I was thinking about what a blessing it is to have such a nice wheelchair. I do not feel let down by God at all by the fact the He has not healed me, but very grateful that He is taking such good care of me. I do not consider myself disabled, rather enabled by God to be used in spite of my hardships. In deed, the call on my life has been to talk to people about praising God in spite of the circumstances. It occurs to me that if I can still praise God in spite of pain so severe that it causes me to need a wheelchair...what a testimony! So reading your post confirms what I believe God has put on my heart. The Apostle Paul only prayed three times to have his thorn removed. The rest of the time he prayed for strength to stand agains any hardships that life could throw at him.

  2. God's grace is sufficient. He makes a way in the most impossible situations. God bless you for your testimony of praise!