Monday, February 28, 2011


Saturday I ran the 5m Ortega River Run. There were a couple thousand or so in the race and I finished about mid of the pack. I think I was the 959th person to finish and ran it in 54:03.

I could have finished higher but I started way back in the line almost totally in the back. That made me have to weave through several hundred runners as my pace was faster than they were running. Then because I started so far back, there were many more that I would have beaten if I had just started ahead of them as we were running the same pace.

Well, it was hot and humid. There more I ran the hotter it got. Whew! Sweat! More sweat! And whew again.

I learned that I need to hydrate my body more the day or so before doing longer runs. I need to leave off sweets. I need more carbs. I need to lose about 15 pounds.

The good news is that I did finish. I did not throw up. I had no ankle, leg, or back pain. All of that is really good as I had been battling muscle strains on my whole left side.

So the 15K Gate River Run is coming up in a little over a week. I need to run two long runs in the next week and then gear down. That is my plan. I will gear up quickly and then slow down and rest for the big event.

Finishing is a good feeling. It doesn't matter what we're doing. When we finish there is a feeling of completion, productivity, and satisfaction.

I plan on finishing the race. I mean the big race. The eternal race. With His help, I will finish strong.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Have your ever seen a jogger with a smile? I haven't, even thought I have jogged for years. Jogging is work. It is sweat. It is stinky. It causes pain.

Since the end of last year, I have been training for the upcoming 15k Gate River Run on March 12. That is 9.3 miles. Whew!

During my training I have grunted and groaned. There has been pain and more pain as I have been attempting to get my body back into shape. This will be my fourth run, but it has been several years since my last run. So I have had to work to make it happen.

Three weeks ago I strained muscles on the left side of my right ankle. Man it hurt. After a couple of my runs I couldn't walk. Something had to give. I rested it some and sought insight how to quickly overcome the injury.

First, I prayed. Wanda prayed. We asked God for healing.

Second, I changed some poor running habits. I quit running on concrete sidewalks. I added a cushioned insole to running shoes. I changed my running gate with shorter strides.

It worked!

No pain, even after running 7 miles!

Prayer and common sense is a winner. Prayer works. Using your brains can help too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So what is "The Big Idea" for guys, or for girls to understand about guys?

It is all about investing in his ego. Even humble men have egos. That is why God said that women were to submit to their husbands. They were made with the need for respect, to be honored, to be given esteem.

In the previous post, I wrote about guys investing in the emotional bank of their gals and gave a short list of little ideas that support the big idea. Remember, when you read the following list that I wrote to the guys first. Thankfully, when Wanda read my list, she told me that I do almost all of them. I know I need to do a lot better, but I am trying.

Here goes my attempt on offering some little ideas for "The Big Idea" for the ladies:

Be happy with what he loves.
Don't belittle it or complain about what he loves.
Honor him.
Don't nag him into doing your short list.
Brag him into it.
Compliment him in front of others.
Never belittle him.
Make time for him to do what he likes.
Cook what he likes.
Give him the TV turner with a delicious piece of pie and coffee.
Take care of the details of the home.
Make him feel he is the king of the castle.
To get time, tenderness, and touch,
Give him good food, and peaceful home, and hot romance.
Let him sit in his nothing box.
Don't complain about it.
Give him thirty minutes when he gets home from work to unwind.
Complete him.
Don't compete with him.
Be happy without making him the source of your happiness.
Accept his shortcomings and love his strengths.
Talk more about his victories and talents.
When he finally talks, be a good listener.
Support his dreams.
Pray for him.
Let him lead even if he stumbles.
If he doesn't do what you want, be happy and let him come around to it.
Live Song and Solomon.
Build him up.
Build him up.
Build him up so more.

Oh, by the way, Wanda already understands "The Big Idea." She is fantastic!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I promised to write the "Big Idea" for men for today's blog, but I haven't finished writing it yet. So, it will happen Wednesday.

This weekend has been beautiful, just gorgeous.

Wanda and I worked briefly in the yard on Friday and went for a short ride down to Favor Dykes Park just south of St. Augustine and Saturday. They had a Florida Cracker Day with exhibits of old Florida. We stopped on the way down and got some barbecue and ate it while listening to some bands play.

While eating we keep hearing sounds of rifles shooting off in the distance. Later, we walked through the outdoor exhibits and heard more shooting. Actually, as we walked closer it was a man dressed in 1800 garb cracking his whip. It sounded just like guns going off. So that is where the term Florida cracker came from.

Riding "Big Red" is therapeutic. It helps get my mind off the worries of the day. Wanda is such a sport to ride with me. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Here is a great idea that works. It is not original and comes from a compilation of several sources. It is an investment program. It brings high yields. Never fails. Is Biblical. Fits every culture. Impacts every budget.

No, it is not Am-Way. Or a new calling card plan. You don't have to have a group meeting. But it does pyramid.

It is relational banking. This is how it works.

You daily put deposits in the emotional bank accounts of others, especially your spouse and children. You pour them in until the accounts are overflowing. It requires mere moments of time and often not the biggest efforts.

Want some idea of how to make "The Big Idea" work?

Here goes.


Compliment her profusely.
Build her up.
Do the little things without having to be asked.
Take out the garbage.
Vacuum the carpet.
Make the bed.
Cook breakfast.
Be romantic.
Kiss her softly.
Tell her you love her.
Tell her often that you love her.
Send her a romantic text.
Take her to a new restaurant.
Bring her some flowers.
Write her a love note on a day that is not her birthday or other special day.
Do something kind for her family.
Listen to her.
Talk to her.
Talk some more.
Put the TV tuner down.
Like, now.
Let her choose the channel.
Put on some cologne.
Wear what she suggests without gripping.
Listen to her idea with respect.
Being willing to let her have a different opinion without you getting irritated.
Say something nice to her in front of others.
Hold her hand.
Open the door.
Think ahead to what she likes and do it.
Do it without complaining or expecting a reward.

Get the idea? I mean the "Big Idea?"

Do you think this will work? I know it will. It will drive her crazy over you. Her emotional bank account will overflow right into you.

So, what is the "Big Idea" for the ladies. That comes on Monday.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pride is not good. That is what the Bible says.

Pride blinds.
Pride deceives.
Pride robs.
Pride offends God.
Pride precedes a fall.
Pride leads to sin.
Pride hurts everyone it touches.

Obadiah wrote: 3 The pride of your heart has deceived you,...

Rich people have pride.
Poor people have pride.
Religious people have pride.
Sinners have pride.
Young and old fall as its prey.

It sneaks into the backdoor of our hearts with sinister plans. Oh, pride never look so bad, in fact, pride dresses up in the most glamorous attire. It looks acceptable. It looks notable. It sounds reasonable. It is a smooth talker. It makes you think big of yourself. It is shrewd.

Then the deceptive tentacles grab hold and the room goes dark.

Then it is often too late.

The cool plan of death works. The judgment comes. The sentence is lived out.

But, there is another way. It is found in light of God, the truth of His Word, the faithfulness of His Spirit. He pleads. He pulls. He passionately, persistently, pursues and points us to the way of God.

He calls for humility, meekness, and surrender. He calls for trust in Him.

Listen. Be spared.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wanda asked me Sunday morning if I had done anything yet for her for Valentines Day. I had thought about it but had not done anything yet.

She said she had an idea. "How about a motorcycle ride?"

She had my attention.

"I'm for it."

So off we go on "Big Red."

Of course there will be a nice restaurant and a card and some other nice things.

Yes, a girl who wants to ride. That's my valentine.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Several months back I was visiting a parishioner at one of our local hospitals which had just gone through a major renovation, addition, and facelift. As I walked out the front door of the hospital on my way back to my car, I turned a corner to walk across the street in the marked crosswalk and was nearly hit by a car driving too fast. The driver of the car didn't see me, and it could have very well cost my life or at least left me with serious injury. I was startled to say the least.

Once I gained my composure, I walked on toward my car. Then it hit me. (No pun intended!) Someone else will go this way and may very well be hit. This is a accident waiting to happen.

I turned around and went back into the hospital. I asked to speak with an administrator and told them what had happened. We went outside when I pointed to the problem. It was a design error that needed to be corrected, and the administrator agreed.

The next time I was back to the hospital there was a stop sign placed to stop cars lest someone get hurt. It was a very needed addition to their improvements. I wonder how many might have been injured if the stop sign had not been added?

I have thought about this every time I go back to that hospital, but from another standpoint. I have spent my life trying to help save people from eternal hurt and mortal injury. I have tried to point people to one who saves from all manner of sin and harm.

I wonder how many have been spared eternal hurt?

I think I will try to find a few more stop signs to put out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mom and Dad and Mom Davis are all in the hospital. Actually, Mom and Dad are in a rehab center after being in the hospital, but Mom Davis is in the Tallahassee Hospital. She had a mini-stroke this past Thursday. Dad is dealing with pneumonia and Mom is rehabbing from a broken shoulder. This has made for a very hectic time for Wanda and me with all three of our parents in physical need.

Thankfully all are mending and improving. That is the good news. Praise God!

It hurts to see your parents in need. I have been touched and blessed to see all their children rising to the occasion to help provide the assistance that they all need.

That is what family is all about. Families care and provide care.

Wanda and I have made repeated quick trips to each of them to do what we can to offer help. We have siblings who are doing their part and those who live geographically close are really stepping to the plate.

So please pray for Mom Davis and Mom and Dad. They are dear to us. We are believing that each one will be good as new soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011


How many Super Bowls have been played?

I have stopped counting, but I watched this last one too. It is the American game passing baseball a long time ago. Millions and millions are spent every year filling stadiums all across America. When the Super Bowl was in Jacksonville several years back, I went downtown to watch the fireworks several nights preceding the game. They had four nights of fireworks to the tune of $1 million bucks. That is a lot of smoke. It was a great show.

The game is changing as more as more players are facing life impacting injuries. More and more are having concussions and the fear of legal issues is making for rule changes. I suspect in another few years that it will evolve a game without has many "big" hits.

To be honest, some of the hits and injuries are too hard to watch even for a die hard fan like me. I don't enjoy watching legs and arms getting broken or players being hauled off the field. Not good.

So, how much longer will the game be like this? Will see. I prophesy major changes coming. Super Bowls are getting to be old hat.

At last, football season is over.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I live in the South, and it is cold, rainy and blue.

So how are you Northern's fairing?

I thought science dealt with facts? Might I add cold facts?

How can you get so screwed up and twisted to ignore reality when it is hitting you in the face? There are too many signs, facts, and data that totally disprove the foolish notion that we are destroying the planet. It all just doesn't wash.

God created the earth and all that inhabit our planet. He has it all figured out. When man puts the earth and himself before God, then things just begin to fall apart. Truth becomes irrelevant. Facts get distorted. Reality turns into delusion. 

In the beginning God.....

I like that. In the beginning God created.

I like that too. He is the beginning and the end.

Global warming? It is not happening in the South!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sprained or strained muscles hurt. I ran the Acosta and Main Street Bridges on Tuesday afternoon and strained a muscle in my right ankle. Wow, it hurts.

It happened about a mile into the run before I got to the bridges. A friend and I were running along the river walk on the South bank of the St. Johns when it felt a pull and strain. I was able to keep running, but the more I ran the more it seemed to strain.

We continued up and down the Acosta Bridge and then ran past The Landing on the North Bank and up the Main St. Bridge back across to the South Bank. The pain subsided some, though I knew it was still there.

Then we went on to finish the run of about 4.5 to 5 miles. I actually seemed to be okay as we cruised to the completion of our run. Then as we cooled down, I couldn't walk. The ankle muscle seemed frozen. The pain tug in deeper. I limped to the car and drove home wondering if I could walk into the house. After rubbing it and loosening the muscle some, I was able to limp into the house.

Wanda saw the pained look on my face and obvious limp and questioned what I had done. I am almost half way into training for the March Gate River Run.

Please Lord, let this heal quickly.