Friday, February 18, 2011


Here is a great idea that works. It is not original and comes from a compilation of several sources. It is an investment program. It brings high yields. Never fails. Is Biblical. Fits every culture. Impacts every budget.

No, it is not Am-Way. Or a new calling card plan. You don't have to have a group meeting. But it does pyramid.

It is relational banking. This is how it works.

You daily put deposits in the emotional bank accounts of others, especially your spouse and children. You pour them in until the accounts are overflowing. It requires mere moments of time and often not the biggest efforts.

Want some idea of how to make "The Big Idea" work?

Here goes.


Compliment her profusely.
Build her up.
Do the little things without having to be asked.
Take out the garbage.
Vacuum the carpet.
Make the bed.
Cook breakfast.
Be romantic.
Kiss her softly.
Tell her you love her.
Tell her often that you love her.
Send her a romantic text.
Take her to a new restaurant.
Bring her some flowers.
Write her a love note on a day that is not her birthday or other special day.
Do something kind for her family.
Listen to her.
Talk to her.
Talk some more.
Put the TV tuner down.
Like, now.
Let her choose the channel.
Put on some cologne.
Wear what she suggests without gripping.
Listen to her idea with respect.
Being willing to let her have a different opinion without you getting irritated.
Say something nice to her in front of others.
Hold her hand.
Open the door.
Think ahead to what she likes and do it.
Do it without complaining or expecting a reward.

Get the idea? I mean the "Big Idea?"

Do you think this will work? I know it will. It will drive her crazy over you. Her emotional bank account will overflow right into you.

So, what is the "Big Idea" for the ladies. That comes on Monday.

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