Friday, February 25, 2011


Have your ever seen a jogger with a smile? I haven't, even thought I have jogged for years. Jogging is work. It is sweat. It is stinky. It causes pain.

Since the end of last year, I have been training for the upcoming 15k Gate River Run on March 12. That is 9.3 miles. Whew!

During my training I have grunted and groaned. There has been pain and more pain as I have been attempting to get my body back into shape. This will be my fourth run, but it has been several years since my last run. So I have had to work to make it happen.

Three weeks ago I strained muscles on the left side of my right ankle. Man it hurt. After a couple of my runs I couldn't walk. Something had to give. I rested it some and sought insight how to quickly overcome the injury.

First, I prayed. Wanda prayed. We asked God for healing.

Second, I changed some poor running habits. I quit running on concrete sidewalks. I added a cushioned insole to running shoes. I changed my running gate with shorter strides.

It worked!

No pain, even after running 7 miles!

Prayer and common sense is a winner. Prayer works. Using your brains can help too.

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