Monday, February 21, 2011


I promised to write the "Big Idea" for men for today's blog, but I haven't finished writing it yet. So, it will happen Wednesday.

This weekend has been beautiful, just gorgeous.

Wanda and I worked briefly in the yard on Friday and went for a short ride down to Favor Dykes Park just south of St. Augustine and Saturday. They had a Florida Cracker Day with exhibits of old Florida. We stopped on the way down and got some barbecue and ate it while listening to some bands play.

While eating we keep hearing sounds of rifles shooting off in the distance. Later, we walked through the outdoor exhibits and heard more shooting. Actually, as we walked closer it was a man dressed in 1800 garb cracking his whip. It sounded just like guns going off. So that is where the term Florida cracker came from.

Riding "Big Red" is therapeutic. It helps get my mind off the worries of the day. Wanda is such a sport to ride with me. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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