Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So what is "The Big Idea" for guys, or for girls to understand about guys?

It is all about investing in his ego. Even humble men have egos. That is why God said that women were to submit to their husbands. They were made with the need for respect, to be honored, to be given esteem.

In the previous post, I wrote about guys investing in the emotional bank of their gals and gave a short list of little ideas that support the big idea. Remember, when you read the following list that I wrote to the guys first. Thankfully, when Wanda read my list, she told me that I do almost all of them. I know I need to do a lot better, but I am trying.

Here goes my attempt on offering some little ideas for "The Big Idea" for the ladies:

Be happy with what he loves.
Don't belittle it or complain about what he loves.
Honor him.
Don't nag him into doing your short list.
Brag him into it.
Compliment him in front of others.
Never belittle him.
Make time for him to do what he likes.
Cook what he likes.
Give him the TV turner with a delicious piece of pie and coffee.
Take care of the details of the home.
Make him feel he is the king of the castle.
To get time, tenderness, and touch,
Give him good food, and peaceful home, and hot romance.
Let him sit in his nothing box.
Don't complain about it.
Give him thirty minutes when he gets home from work to unwind.
Complete him.
Don't compete with him.
Be happy without making him the source of your happiness.
Accept his shortcomings and love his strengths.
Talk more about his victories and talents.
When he finally talks, be a good listener.
Support his dreams.
Pray for him.
Let him lead even if he stumbles.
If he doesn't do what you want, be happy and let him come around to it.
Live Song and Solomon.
Build him up.
Build him up.
Build him up so more.

Oh, by the way, Wanda already understands "The Big Idea." She is fantastic!

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