Monday, February 7, 2011


How many Super Bowls have been played?

I have stopped counting, but I watched this last one too. It is the American game passing baseball a long time ago. Millions and millions are spent every year filling stadiums all across America. When the Super Bowl was in Jacksonville several years back, I went downtown to watch the fireworks several nights preceding the game. They had four nights of fireworks to the tune of $1 million bucks. That is a lot of smoke. It was a great show.

The game is changing as more as more players are facing life impacting injuries. More and more are having concussions and the fear of legal issues is making for rule changes. I suspect in another few years that it will evolve a game without has many "big" hits.

To be honest, some of the hits and injuries are too hard to watch even for a die hard fan like me. I don't enjoy watching legs and arms getting broken or players being hauled off the field. Not good.

So, how much longer will the game be like this? Will see. I prophesy major changes coming. Super Bowls are getting to be old hat.

At last, football season is over.

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