Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mom and Dad and Mom Davis are all in the hospital. Actually, Mom and Dad are in a rehab center after being in the hospital, but Mom Davis is in the Tallahassee Hospital. She had a mini-stroke this past Thursday. Dad is dealing with pneumonia and Mom is rehabbing from a broken shoulder. This has made for a very hectic time for Wanda and me with all three of our parents in physical need.

Thankfully all are mending and improving. That is the good news. Praise God!

It hurts to see your parents in need. I have been touched and blessed to see all their children rising to the occasion to help provide the assistance that they all need.

That is what family is all about. Families care and provide care.

Wanda and I have made repeated quick trips to each of them to do what we can to offer help. We have siblings who are doing their part and those who live geographically close are really stepping to the plate.

So please pray for Mom Davis and Mom and Dad. They are dear to us. We are believing that each one will be good as new soon.

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