Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pride is not good. That is what the Bible says.

Pride blinds.
Pride deceives.
Pride robs.
Pride offends God.
Pride precedes a fall.
Pride leads to sin.
Pride hurts everyone it touches.

Obadiah wrote: 3 The pride of your heart has deceived you,...

Rich people have pride.
Poor people have pride.
Religious people have pride.
Sinners have pride.
Young and old fall as its prey.

It sneaks into the backdoor of our hearts with sinister plans. Oh, pride never look so bad, in fact, pride dresses up in the most glamorous attire. It looks acceptable. It looks notable. It sounds reasonable. It is a smooth talker. It makes you think big of yourself. It is shrewd.

Then the deceptive tentacles grab hold and the room goes dark.

Then it is often too late.

The cool plan of death works. The judgment comes. The sentence is lived out.

But, there is another way. It is found in light of God, the truth of His Word, the faithfulness of His Spirit. He pleads. He pulls. He passionately, persistently, pursues and points us to the way of God.

He calls for humility, meekness, and surrender. He calls for trust in Him.

Listen. Be spared.

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