Friday, August 5, 2011


Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife!

I love you, Wanda.


Months ago I booked our hotel here in Phoenix, Az, to stay at while attending our denominations biannual meeting. We're at the Hilton Suites Hotel. It is nice, and we're having a great visit.

On Wednesday morning I went down to do a run in their workout center. After working out, I headed back to our room, and saw a lady who I thought was one of my cousins. She was at a distance, and I couldn't call to her. She got on the elevator and headed upstairs.

I went on to my room, but in a few minutes was back downstairs on my way to the day's events. As I waited for the hotel shuttle, I asked the front desk if Beth Jasso was a guest. The lady said she was, but that Beth had just checked out.

I live in Florida. She lives in New Mexico.

I was attending a meeting in Phoenix.

She was doing business in Phoenix for the company she works for.

We both chose the same hotel.

I saw her, but missed getting to talk to her.

Small world.

What are the chances?


  1. Hey Milton, I was wondering if you and Wanda were attending the meetings in Phx! Sorry I did not see you. I was there just as you said for a business meeting. Wow what are the chances of that! :) Love you guys...Beth

  2. I tried to catch you when you went up the elevator, but couldn't see where you got off. Wish we could have connected. Trish and Janet are here in the hotel too. We could have had a small family reunion. Sorry we missed you.