Monday, August 8, 2011


Wanda and I have throughly enjoyed the sights and beauty of Sedona, Az. The colors are brilliant. The reds are stunning. Pictures can't really do justice. At least my cheap little camera doesn't do justice.

We have watched sunsets and walked trails. Happy trials to us!

We have driven shorts little trips all around the area looking at the glory of God's creation. Can you really believe that some folks think that all this just happened. Not a chance.

There is just too much to see and too little time. We wanted to rent a Goldwing, but the temperature has been just too hot, especially down in Phoenix where we would have had to rent. The temps there were 113. It is cooler here in Sedona, thankfully.

Tomorrow we head to the Grand Canyon. We actually have a one night reservation at the El Tavar Lodge in the Grand Canyon. Can't wait to see the beauty and colors there.

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