Friday, August 12, 2011


Our trip to Arizona ended with an overnight stay in Prescott and a ride on the Verde Canyon Railway in Clarksdale. We have had a fantastic time relaxing as well as enjoying day trips to see sights and sounds.

Wanda is a great traveling companion. She is game for most stuff and wants me to have a good time. Of course, that is give and take for both of us.

Prescott is the home of the very first rodeo and is a couple of hours north of Phoenix or a couple of hours south of the Grand Canyon. It is a small town with a town square and courthouse and saloons that surround it. They had an outdoor concert the night we were there that we enjoyed while eating pizza and then getting some ice cream. Sitting in the open air at a small town square while listening to a jazz band is about as American as it gets. We had a very relaxing evening soaking up the sounds and just taking it easy. What Fun!

Then on Wednesday morning we drove from Prescott over to Clarksdale which is about 40 miles. It is a fantastic ride up through Jerome which sits high above Clarksdale. Wow! The views there were incredible.

We boarded the Verde Canyon Train at 1 PM and headed up the canyon for a 4 hours ride. First class is the way to go as they serve snacks and deserts and cheese.

We met other ministers on our train who were vacationing like us. That added to our ride. Meeting new friends makes life more rewarding. Christians are wonderful people, and ministers are nice too!

The views of the Verde River and canyon captured our attention going and coming. Riding the train brought visions of what it must have been like to ride years ago. It was a nice way to end our time in Arizona.

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