Monday, August 1, 2011


Wanda and I leave today for 10 days in Arizona. First we go to the biannual General Council Meeting of the Assemblies of God. This will be the 20th General Council Meeting I have attended. It is full of business, church services, lunches, dinners, and fellowship. Wanda and I will be attending a leadership conference the first day and then many others meetings following.

Then we take a few days and head to Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon. We plan on taking a train ride and doing some minor hiking.

I had planned on renting a Goldwing for our touring, but 100 + degree heat makes that very impractical. Wanda doesn't enjoy riding in the heat, and that is not my best idea of riding either.

It should be a super trip. I especially enjoy seeing fellow ministers from across America.

So it off to the scenic West. I am looking forward to seeing all the colors of the desert. Will post pictures so keep watching and reading.

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