Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The phone rang in our office Tuesday morning as our staff was weekly in our meeting. My secretary went out of our meeting and answered as we continued, but I could hear what was clearly not good news. Someone had died. In a moment she returned and shared that a lady who had just started attending had passed in the night.

I had heard my secretary as she took the call answer over the phone, "But she was just here Sunday."

The lady had come to the altar for prayer and Wanda and I had prayed with her. She made a profession of faith and had just asked Jesus into her heart.

We sat there somewhat jolted and very saddened.

But that is part of church life. It is carrying for the needs, hurts, and losses of others. Certainly there are many wonderful times of joy and celebration, but there is loss too.

We were jolted. When the staff meeting ended I went to see the family and offered our condolences and prayer. May God give them all comfort and peace.

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