Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Love is faithful. It doesn't quit. It stands strong through good and bad.

I grieve at some of the shallow commitments that are espoused by some in high places. They proclaim dead raising faith but fail to live their faith in relational living. Their marriages don't work. Their life is imbalanced. Their walk isn't stable.

But they have "success" and "prosperity".

I choose another type of faith.

I choose a brand that is faithful in its faith. It might not fly in corporate jets, and it might not dine in the gourmet restaurants of the world. It might not have the largest bank account. It probably will not have the acclaim of the masses. It might not move the largest mountains, but it maintains its position.

But faith that is faithful will hear the most important words that good ever be spoken to an individual, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Faith that isn't faithful is arrogant boasting. It is self deceiving. It has the wink and blessing of the devil.

Oh God, help me. Help us to be counted faithful.

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