Friday, June 3, 2011


I believe in Divine healing.

I believe that Jesus heals sick bodies today. There are many stories that I could tell about miraculous healing and answers to prayer. Yet, there are many who remain sick even though they have asked the Lord for healing. I have preached the funerals of many precious saints who died from extended sickness and some who died suddenly and unexpectedly.

How do we answer the question of the critic or skeptic or doubter about why all sick people who pray aren't healed immediately? I certainly don't have a simple answer or solution. Yet, again, I know God heals.

Sometimes there may be a lack of faith, or sin, or other hindrances. But this I know, when we asked God for forgiveness or humbly acknowledge our lack of faith, God is faithful and forgives and helps with our disobedience or lack of faith. He doesn't play games with us. He loves us too much for that.

To be real honest, I don't know why every sick person who prays and asks for healing is not healed. I have learned to trust the Lord in this matter. It is for us to pray, to pray in faith, to be obedient, and to trust. Beyond that, we have to rest in a loving, faithful God.

Read John 9. It has some answers in that God allows some sickness for His glory. Ultimately, all will be healed who truly trust in the Lord. Everyone will be whole and well in heaven. There will be no sickness there. There will be no pain.

Until then, I will keep praying for the sick and believing in Him. I can trust in His loving care.

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