Friday, June 17, 2011


Jennifer is home with her kiddies, Claudia and Lorenzo, and we are having a ball with them and Julie and her boys, Alex and Nic. We headed to the Smokies the beginning of this week and have enjoyed being with family. We are having a ball!

We have gone white water rafting, horse-back riding, mountain trail riding, swimming at the lake, hiking, playing in the streams, and eating, eating, eating! I didn't do all of this, but I have eaten at every appointed meal-time.

The most special time has been the spiritual time. We have sung worship songs, read the Bible, prayed together, and generally had church. It has been fantastic. I have especially been thrilled to watch my daughters and grands worship God and read the Bible and pray together.

We have seen God answer so many prayers in our family. God is a prayer answering God.

Thursday we hiked in the Joyce Kilmer Forrest. Alex, my grandson, lost his newly-made sling shot somewhere on the trail. He asked if I would backtrack with him to find it. We looked and looked. Finally he found it.

He told me, " Papa, I prayed that the Lord would help me find it. I turned my headed and there is was."

God is a prayer answering God. It thrilled me that Alex would pray over this need, and that it gave God credit for helping him find his sling-shot.

Thank God for a prayer believing, prayer practicing family.

Prayer works.

God makes family time fantastic!

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