Monday, June 13, 2011


Ever hurt your little toe?

Ever break it?

I think I broke my little toe on my right foot Saturday morning. I was hurrying out to the garage and stumped my little toe. Wow! That hurt bad. To be honest I hadn't thought about the little guy at all recently. No reason to until I stumped it. Man did that ever hurt.

So why write about little toes? Glad you asked.

Because I learned again that the one of most unthought-of parts of my body is important. It took tripping over a set of work-out weights for me to notice the little toe, but I did when it wasn't working so good.

The point is that we often take little things and "little" people for granted. But Paul said that everyone is important in the body. Every family member has a place and is needed.

Over and over I have learned that in church life. Janitors, nursery workers, sound personal, yard workers, and many others never get the accolades, but that are vital parts. And what about seniors? They have a vital part too. Regretfully, we don't give them enough place in today's church.

So, my little toe got my attention. It took some pain, but I am going to treat the little guy better. I hope that I will treat others better too.

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  1. good reminder. Thanks Milton. Little toes aren't just cute, they are important for balance.