Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Only 120 of the 500 who heard our Lord's command to wait for the promise of the Father to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit actually obeyed. That is not even 1/3. Would you have been in that 2/3 group who did not obey our Lord? Are you today in that 2/3 group who still disobey our Lord?

Waiting if not a likable event. No one wants to wait. We don't want to wait for anything.

Yet, waiting on the Lord is one of the most powerful experiences in life. Think of it for a moment. To wait for the infilling of the Holy Spirit is the single most incredible event in a person's life after salvation.

Why should we wait?

The Lord said to.
To try to live without the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is like trying to drive a car with no motor. Or like flying a plane with no engine.

There is power in the Holy Spirit. There is wind and fire. That is the promise.

So wait this week before the Lord and receive new power from heaven. Receive the fire and wind. You will soar high and go far.

Will you wait?

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