Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We have six of our seven grandchildren here in our house for the week. All are 11 years old or younger. Now that is a busy house with busy kiddies.

Wanda is one loving Nana. They all love her dearly as she tries to keep the ship upright and right. How many times has she gone to the grocery store? How many towels and clothes have been washed? How many dishwasher loads have been unloaded? The list goes on.

This is an unusual opportunity for us. One grandson is not here. I wish all could have been together. I guess that is a hard thing to do.

They are good kiddies with good hearts. They soak everything in and push to do more and more. Life is full.

I took all six by myself to the hands-on museum Monday afternoon. The car was full. They had a ball, and I had the best of time watching our grands enjoy themselves. It gave Nana a break as well as Julie and Jennifer.

Summer is the time for grands. They are just that. GRAND!

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