Monday, June 27, 2011


God has called me to preach and offer spiritual care as a pastor. I love it, and I am thankful for His call on my life. My job has many and varied dynamics and responsibilities. Today I will spend time praying, studying, managing, ministering, etc. It is daily.

One aspect that is incredibly fulfilling is preaching His Word and feeding the flock. Now, it should be noted that people don't do well physically if they only eat one or two times a week, and neither do people do well spiritually if they only eat once or twice a week at church. We need spiritual food daily so people do have a personal responsibility to feed themselves.

Yet, pastors are to preach The Word and feed the flock.

How do you do it?

I try to hear from God, study His Word, feed my soul, and prayerfully prepare and preach The Word. I have actually had one person say that a sermon I had preached years ago that the sermon was the best they had ever heard, and I have had another person say that the same sermon was the worse sermon they had ever heard.

Go figure? I guess the answer is found in need and maybe in heart. We we need specific words from a message then it has personal and maybe profound meaning. It we don't have a heart with good soil ready to receive then the Word may never take root.

Yesterday I preached from James 5 and my topic was "The Power of Patience." I told the people that good things happen to people who wait and endure. I pray it was a blessing. Several told me that they needed to hear that message. Thankfully, no one told me it was the worse sermon they had ever heard.

Today I am preparing other sermons for the week to preach. May God help me to be a faithful pastor and feed the flock well.

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