Friday, May 27, 2011


Common interests bond individuals. We tend to connect with people who like the things that we like. Those common interest with their passions and enthusiasm lock us together. That is why clubs, groups, and many other types of relationships are formed.

This carries over into marriage. Where there are no common interests between a couple, there is less enjoy in life. However, similar interests glue couples together.

Wanda and I have so many common interests. She likes to cook. I like to eat. Ha!

Well we both like to eat. I don't cook very well, but I do pancakes and omelettes on the weekends and a little grilling too.

But our interests go far beyond mere eating. We enjoy sports, motorcycling, family, church, devotions, movies, music, exercising, camping, traveling, eating in nice restaurants, reading, outdoor activities, gardening, grandkids, and the list go on.

We do have to give and take. It requires juggling schedules and giving way to what the other wants to do. Life is full and shared joys make life even fuller.

So what are we doing together this weekend? We have a couple of short day rides and activities to take in riding on "Big Red". We plan on the Florida Folk Festival and the Platka Crab Festival. Here we go again!

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