Monday, January 3, 2011


This football season is going down hill fast. The bowl games are almost over. My beloved Alabama team is through after winning their bowl game. The Jaguars are finished. I don't much care about what happens from here on out. There is a Super Bowl to be played, and then football is over for this year.

Why do most men like so much football? The games roll over and over. One game follows another. They seem endless.

The more they play the less my enthusiasm grows for the sport. Is there a parable there somewhere to be found? Is it possible that too much of even football takes the joy out of it all?

Didn't someone once say that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I actually didn't watch but only a few minutes of the bowl games this year. I didn't even watch Alabama play. Maybe I'm losing interest. My passion for it all is weakening. Could that be?

In few weeks this season will officially be over. Months will pass with no football, and the fervor will boil again.

If only the Jaguars had won and gone the playoffs. Maybe I wouldn't be so blue about it all.

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