Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wanda and I are continuing our Daniel fast. We are eating vegetables and leaving off sweets. God has been so faithful to already answer prayers. Prayer is the beginning of connecting and growing in God. I feel His presence strong in this season of waiting to hear His voice and learn more of Him.

As I write, we are at a minister's conference where the primary theme of the gathering is prayer. This was unexpected, but it certainly is an encouragement to us in the Daniel fast.

One speaker spoke on the importance of making a daily appointment to meet with God. He had some super thoughts on this and made me even more keenly aware of the value of time spent with God.

I make many appointments in the process of a week's activities. I even make appointments with Wanda. We schedule time together for date nights and sometimes even a quiet lunch. We do that because it is vital that we spend time together, quality time.

Quality time with God is even more important. We get busy, busy, busy. God gets left in the fast pace of life, and that is a huge mistake.

Wanda and I have early morning devotions with prayer, Scripture, and a devotional book reading. It begins our day together right. It is a daily appointment together with God. It is a blessing.

We both have other times of appointments with God privately.

Just think of it. A private appointment with the Creator of the heavens and earth.

Wow! That's cool.

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