Friday, January 14, 2011


Important meetings usually require an appointment. Try getting to see your doctor in the next five minutes, or your dentist, or the Mayor of Jacksonville. If you were to call any of these offices the receptionist will suggest you try first with an appointment. Important meetings are preceded by an appointment.

Amazingly we get busy and too many fail to set aside time for the most important meeting of any of our lives. That is a daily meeting with God. From the beginning of our day in early morning to the final moments of our day, our lives are filled with busy, busy, busy. I hear many say that they meant to pray. They meant to meet with God. They meant to talk to Him, but they were too busy and time just got away.

Here is the solution. Make an appointment. Set aside time and set a specific time to meet with God in a few moments of prayer and devotion. I suggest first thing in the morning, but any time will work. He is waiting to hear from you.

Now just think about this idea for a moment. God, The Creator of the heavens and earth, is waiting and willing to meet with you at any moment of any time of any day. Try doing that with our Governor or President and see how far you get. It won’t happen.

Yet, our God is waiting to meet with you. Are you too busy or too big to meet with Him?

Oh, by the way, one day you will have a final appointment with Him. You want to make sure He knows who you are.

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