Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Mom and Dad have been married 66 years. I am the oldest of five children with three sisters and one brother. They have lived for the Lord all of their lives and have spent all their years together in the work of God. They have amazing and incredible stories of God's faithful blessings on their lives.

Now both are in the hospital. Dad has pneumonia and mom tripped in the hospital in a hallway as they were moving dad from the ER to a private room. She shattered her left shoulder. The surgeon said it looked like a bomb had exploded in her shoulder. Now both are in the hospital.

Dad said this was the first time that both of them had been "down" in all their years together. Now, both had urgent needs.

Please remember them in your prayers. Both still have a ways to go to recover. Mom has weeks of rehab ahead of her. It won't be easy. She has lots of pain.

Somehow God takes all these things and works them together for good. He has promised so. I believe Him.


  1. Praying for them, Milton. And you and Wanda, too. No fun. God bless!!

  2. Thanks for the prayers and concern. They are slowly getting better, but are both still in the hospital as of Saturday evening. She is on the 2nd floor and he is on the 3rd floor.

  3. I WILL be praying for them and you Milton. I sure am sorry to hear this but I am sure the Lord in His love and care WILL be merciful and compassionate in your time of need. Be Blessed..

  4. By the way how is Jennifer? She doesn't blog any more so I was wondering if everything is OK with her and Javier and the kids.